Old Slaughterhouse

40th Dresden Music Festival In unexpected places

Advertisement T he 40th Dresden Music Festival got underway at the Semper Opera House last week. In this jubilee year, there will be 60 events over a period of 32 days featuring 1,500 artists at 22 different venues. Which is a good reason for us to take a closer look at some of these unique places.

If you have attended the festival in recent years, you will certainly agree with Jan Vogler, Director of the Dresden Music Festival, that the atmosphere is extraordinary. And the reason for this is its diversity. A few days before the opening concert, we asked Herr Vogler what makes the occasion so special for him.

I am looking forward to great orchestras and a very special festival atmosphere in Dresden.
Jan Vogler, Director of the Dresden Music Festival
I am especially looking forward to welcoming many great colleagues and orchestras from all over the world to the Dresden Music Festival here in the city during the period 18th May to 18th June. The sheer variety of the programmes and venues creates a very special festival atmosphere that can only be experienced in Dresden in late May and early June.

Five unusual venues that will be hosting the Dresden Music Festival

The first locations that spring to mind in connection with the festival are the Semperoper, Kulturpalast and Frauenkirche. But it is also worthwhile to visit some of the venues that might seem a rather unconventional choice at first sight.

Dresdner Reithalle (Dresden Riding School)

One of two brick buildings in the industrial north of the city originally designed for military purposes, the Dresdner Reithalle now stages artistic, musical and cultural events. In the past week, Francesco Tristano gave a delightful piano recital there.

Dresden Riding School

Alter Schlachthof (Old Slaughterhouse)

Used for meat processing between 1873 and 1907, this monument to Dresden’s industrial heritage now serves as a concert hall. On 5th July, Cameron Carpenter will infuse the ‘Old Slaughterhouse’ with new sounds from his mobile organ.

Old Slaughterhouse

Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau (German Workshops in Hellerau)

The innovative ideas of entrepreneur Karl Schmidt not only took the furniture industry in a new direction but also led to the construction of this building complex in Hellerau Garden City. This year’s open-air event at the Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau on 26th May features Nils Landgren, one of the world’s top jazz trombonists, accompanied by Michael Wollny (piano) and Wolfgang Haffner (drums).

German Workshops in Hellerau

Palais im Grossen Garten (Palace in the Grosser Garten Park)

The baroque Palais was built as a summer retreat for the rulers of the Albertin line. Today, it is used for exhibitions and chamber concerts. On 10th June, the Dresden Festival Orchestra will be performing an extraordinary concert in ‘workshop’ format aimed at providing an insight into the history of music.

Palace in the Grosser Garten Park

Dresden – open air

Klingende Stadt (Resonant City) is an event at which everyone can be a performer, no matter whether you’re a professional, part-time or amateur musician. On 17th June, the streets of the city centre will resonate to the sound of music celebrating the values of peace, freedom and tolerance.

Klingende Stadt in Dresden

Tickets and more information: musikfestspiele.com/en/