There is one notion that I won’t accept: ‘You can’t do it like that!’

Talk with the Dresden musician Ansa Sauermann

Ansa Sauermann

The Semperoper and Dresden’s classical music heritage have shaped the image of the city. But the Dresden sound is more diverse. In our series "The sound of Dresden", dresdner musicians chat about why saxony's capital is more. In conversation today: Ansa Sauermann.

The Semperoper and classical music shape the image of Dresden. But the sound of the city is more diverse. There is Ansa Sauermann, for example. The 30-year-old from Dresden has just released his new indie pop album, “Trümmerlotte”. In an interview, he explains how his hometown influences his music and why it inspires his love of experimentation.

If you had to describe your style in one sentence, what would it be?

In one beautiful sentence: pop-driven, rock-heavy and bluesy.

What is important to you when you make music?

There is one notion that I won’t accept: ‘You can’t do it like that!’ Quite the opposite. I try things out and then make a decision with all I’ve got – body and soul.

Dresden is a good place for music because…

.. it has everything to offer from jazz to blues, rock and pop to metal and hip-hop. Dresden’s cosiness takes the pressure off and spurs you on at the same time.

Which area in Dresden has had the strongest influence on you?

Dresden’s Neustadt most of all. I worked there for almost eight years as a barman in various bars. Now I’m firmly rooted in Neustadt.

Can you hear Dresden in your music?

I think you can basically hear every musician’s home in one way or another. In my song “Tal der Ahnungslosen” (Valley of the Clueless), however, the reference to Dresden is very direct.

Where do you like to perform most in Dresden?

Our best concert so far was in the Scheune. The most beautiful club in Dresden in terms of its atmosphere is the Beatpol. Unfortunately, my band and I haven’t played there yet. It’s still at the top of my list.

What do you hope for in 2021?

Since the tour for my last album “Trümmerlotte” in 2020 sadly had to be cancelled, I’m looking forward to being able to play live again. I hope that festivals will happen again in 2021.