Dresden in numbers

Numbers reveal a lot – even about things that cannot actually be measured in numbers. This puzzle page reveals why beauty is at home in Florence on the Elbe. Have fun puzzling and learning!

How many orange trees were there in the Dresden Zwinger during the time of August the Strong?


The orange was considered the fruit of eternal youth and testified to the power and wealth of the elector.

When was the “Dresdner Stollen” mentioned for the first time?


This year the tunnel was first mentioned on a bill from the Christian Bartolomai Hospital. At that time, however, the recipe was still different, because the stollen served the believers as food during Lent.

How many children did August the Strong father?


A completely exaggerated number, which the sharp-tongued Wilhelmine of Prussia first attributed to him. After all: nine illegitimate offspring have been proven.

How old is the make-up box from the Schwarzkopf Collection of Cosmetic History in the German Hygiene Museum?

5,000 years

… old! The history of cosmetics collection in the German Hygiene Museum is juxtaposed with scientific explanations.

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How many visitors fit into the new concert hall of the Kulturpalast?


It was built in 1969 and quickly became an icon of GDR architecture. Since its reopening in April 2017, it has been home to this first-class concert hall.

One postal mile of Kursachsen measures …

… 9.062.08 meters

August the Strong had the land surveyed again. About 200 of the historic post mile pillars are still in existence and show the distances to Leipzig and Dresden.

How long did the legendary wedding of Friedrich August with the Austrian Archduchess Maria Josepha last?

40 days

The wedding of several weeks with all its celebrations might have been the most glamorous in Europe until today.

How many diamonds adorn this work of art?


diamonds. So many diamonds can be found on Johann Melchior Dinglinger’s cabinet piece “Court of Delhi on the birthday of Grand Mogul Aureng-Zeb”. The filigree work of art cost Augustus the Strong 58,485 Reichstaler. That corresponds to the construction costs of Schloss Pillnitz.

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The baroque Dresden anno …

… 1748

This world famous painting is the Canaletto view. The oil painting is by Bernardo Bellotto, also called “Canaletto”, who spent two periods of his life in Dresden. It hangs in the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister.

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How many pieces does the porcelain collection in the Dresden Zwinger contain?


In 1710, August the Strong founded the first European porcelain factory in Meissen. Of the thousands of pieces from China, Japan and Meißen that he brought together, the most beautiful and important can be seen today in the Dresden Zwinger.

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How many galleries and exhibition venues are there in Dresden?


For example the Galerie Gebrüder Lehmann, which has represented the artist Ebehart Havekost, who died unexpectedly in 2019, since 2002.

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How big is Dresden’s Great Garden?

1.8 sq.

A masterpiece of garden art! At its center is the summer palace built in 1680 according to a design by Johann Georg Starcke.

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How long has the Pfunds dairy been in Dresden?

Since 1891

It is considered the most beautiful dairy shop in the world and was included in the Guinness Book of Records in 1998.

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How many media are in the central library of the Kulturpalast?


There are no less than 3,000 media in the new central library of the Kulturpalast, which is reopened in 2017.

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