SENORICS develops mini-perceptions with Superman crashes

Dresden start-ups – Part 2

Senorics Dresden
It works with newly developed organic mini-sensors. © Senorics

Superman is a comic book hero who has been an inspiration to children and the young at heart since the 1930s. The man from the planet Krypton can y, atten bad guys and, with his X-ray vision, see the inside of objects. Nobody else has such powers. Or do they?

Superpower for everybody

Researchers at the Dresden-based start-up company Senorics have developed a technology that makes the Superman’s powers of vision available to everyone. It works with newly developed organic mini-sensors. They are held in close proximity to an object and use infrared rays to relentlessly identify the optical ngerprint of each component, especially the organic ones. The information obtained is analysed in real time in a database, and the precise composition is then displayed on the screen of a mobile device.

The organic sensors in mini format are held on an object and recognize every component. © Ellen Türke Fotografie

The economy is very interested in the small sensors

The spectroscopy devices traditionally deployed for such analysis are gigantic and expensive. “What distin- guishes our sensors is their very small size, their low-cost production and their analysing capability,” says Ronny Timmreck. “This is a rst on the market.” A native Dres- dener, Timmreck is co-founder and managing director of Senorics, which was established in 2017 at TU Dresden.

Senorics with its 35-strong workforce has bene ted from regional economic development and is now claiming a large slice of the new market for compact everyday-use analysers. Potential customers include food companies, industrial manufacturers and retailers, i.e. anyone who wants to know quickly and reliably the hidden elements in liquids, solids or dust. X-ray vision for everyone!

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