Is this art or pop music?

Oxo Oho
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Dresden is most likely to be associated with classical music and jazz. But the city's sound is more diverse: danceable electropop by OXO OHO, soft indie sounds by Shelter Boy, elegant art-pop by Olicía or cosmopolitan "good mood beats" by Banda Internationale. In our series "The sound of Dresden", dresdner musicians chat about why saxony's capital is more than just Semper Opera and classical music.

We strut the stage as if it were our private jungle and we were two wild orangutans.


What is important to you in your music?

We want to connect with the heart and mind of the audience. And also get them dancing! Obviously, you can’t have the same degree of success all the time, but we do our best. Groovy rhythms are just as important to us as catchy lyrics that tell relevant stories – though sometimes they are only relevant for their entertainment value. The way we perform is very important to us. We dress up in outlandish, garish outfits and strut the stage as if it were our private jungle and we were two wild orangutans.

Why is Dresden a good place for musicians? What elements are perhaps still missing?

Dresden is a wonderful place, full of culture-loving people. There are great street parties, and it has an exciting live scene in the various clubs. It would be nice to see one or two more opening instead of the umpteenth shisha bar, but there is a lot going on in the scene, and that’s the most important thing.

Which area in Dresden has influenced you the most

The majority of our Dresden concerts have been in and around Neustadt. We find ourselves being drawn back there over and over again. We especially like Kukulida and Schwarzes Schaf.

Interview with Shelter Boy

Not only jazz and classical! The sound of Dresden is more diverse. Interview with singer-songwriter Shelter Boy alias Simon Graupner from Dresden

Can Dresden be heard in your music?

Definitely. Many of our friends live here, and they give us massive support. What’s more, places that you feel connected to and that give you a sense of home always generate inspiration and creativity, because they release energy from within that you won’t discover anywhere else.

What are you hoping for in 2020?

We released our debut album on 22 January 2020, which we’re calling ‘Real love bei mir’. We’ve been working on it for the past eighteen months. We’re now looking forward to the concerts which are booked for his year. Club concerts, festivals, street parties – there is a lot coming up and we’re full of anticipation.


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OXO OHO was founded in May 2017 by Frank Leichauer and Sebastian Piskorz. In the same year the listeners of Detektor.fm voted the duo as band of the month. On 22. January 2020 their debut album: “Real love bei mir” was released by the Dresden music publisher “Oh my music”.

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