Shelter Boy

Indiepop from Dresden

Shelter Boy
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The Semperoper and Dresden's classical music heritage have shaped the image of the city. But the Dresden sound is more diverse: from the cosmopolitan clash of genres delivered by Banda Internationale to the extravagant electronica of Oxo Oho, from the elegant art pop of Olicía to the gentle songs of singer-songwriter Shelter Boy. We have interviewed the Dresden newcomers and present them in our series "The sound of Dresden".

What is important to you in your music?

“That I have enough instruments. And that the message of the song is honest. I find it very important that you liberate yourself from frames and borders when performing or composing music. This goes hand in hand with honesty, because you can only create something that expresses your own identity if you let yourself go a bit.”

Why is Dresden a good place for musicians? What elements are perhaps still missing?

“Dresden is a great place for classical music and jazz, but for my musical genre, the infrastructure could still benefit from further development. There ought to be more events such as Live Local and more rehearsal studios.”

Which area in Dresden has influenced you the most?

“The Hechtviertel. It is pleasantly compact and neighbourly. What is gradually being lost in Neustadt is only just beginning to blossom there. However, it remains to be seen how long it will take before it too is gentrified.”

Can Dresden be heard in your music?

“I mainly listen to English-language music – that’s my main source of influence. I also don’t think that a city has its own distinctive sound. But that’s OK, because you don’t always have to identify with the place you come from.”

Interview with OXO OHO

Shrill outfits, ironic lyrics & danceable electro pop. Why do OXO OHO feel like wild orangutans on stage?

What are you hoping for in 2020?

“That my first headliner tour in February pulls in a big crowd. That I’m booked to perform at great festivals and that my upcoming releases are just as well received as the previous ones – maybe even better!”


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Shelter Boy has already performed at several festivals like “Artlake”, “Immergut” or “Rocken am Brocken”. This year he has started his first headliner tour in Germany. On 9 February 2020 he will play live at the Groovestation in Dresden.

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