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Silvio Nitzsche

The locals sing the praises of Striesen in rhyme: “Wer sein Leben will geniessen, nimmt sein Bett und zieht nach Striesen” (loosely translated: “Give your life reason – move to Striesen!”). Their pride is justified. The west and south of the district are characterised by elegant villas and beautiful parks, the east by more recent construction. It is home to the "Weinkulturbar" owned by Silvio Nitzsche, one of Germany’s most accomplished sommeliers.

Striesen is the most beautiful district of Dresden because…

…it offers exceptional tranquillity and quality of life. It has just the right balance, which is apparent from the architecture. There are apartment blocks from the 1970s alongside the more grandiose villas that are typical of Striesen – palatial three-storey buildings with around 200 square metres of floor area. In recent years, unfortunately, a lot of shops here have been converted to offices or for residential use, which has made the area a bit quieter. Nevertheless, it has still managed to remain a thriving neighbourhood.

How would you explain Striesen to a stranger?

In Striesen, every day seems like Sunday. It is an architecturally outstanding district that does post-baroque Dresden proud. The long oak-lined avenues seem to stretch to the horizon. If you stand on Augsburger Strasse, for example, you have an uninterrupted view two kilometres into the distance. It is all very atmospheric and tasteful.

Who feels readily at home in Striesen?

High achievers in the 30 to 50 age range, married with two or three children, who want to settle down and enjoy life.

If Striesen were a person, what would be their distinguishing features?

Well-adjusted and successful; in their mid-forties with slightly greying temples; exceptionally attractive, sociable and with a refreshing sense of humour.

The right soundtrack for a walk through Striesen would be this song:


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Silvio Nitzsche has professional qualifications as a hotelier and sommelier and has been running the “Weinkulturbar” at number 86 Wittenberger Strasse since 2007. The wine list comprises almost three thousand labels. The bar was singled out by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung as “the best drinks establishment of its kind in Germany”.

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