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dream wedding in Dresden

Michael Weimer

The celebrations to mark the wedding of the son of Augustus the Strong in 1719 went on for 40 days. For ordinary mortals, a single day generally suffices. But to ensure that your wedding day is the most beautiful day of your life, no compromises should be made in the choice of venue. Dresden has many spectacular locations for staging truly memorable wedding parties. Here are the ten of the best:

1 Getting started

Bookings for one of these special locations in Dresden are managed by the registry office in Villa Weigang. You could even choose to get married in Villa Weigang itself. It is one of the most beautiful period buildings in Dresden-Blasewitz, with two stately rooms for the ceremony and a well-tended garden for photos while the guests sip sparkling wine.

2 Think big, think Frauenkirche

The Frauenkirche is one of the two most iconic buildings in Dresden, the other being the Zwinger Palace. They have the instant recognition factor, even for people who have never been to the city. So, if you are looking for a really monumental and historical location, this has to be it. On the opposite side of the square is the Kurländer Palais with its ballroom – perfect for the reception.

© Sven Döring

3 Fairy-tale wedding, option 1 (central)

Couples with a penchant for pomp are spoilt for choice in Dresden: there are several palaces in the inner city that are available for hire. For example, Schloss Albrechtsberg which can cater for up to 100 guests (May to December). Or the upstairs 60-seater cinema room (listed status) of the Lingnerschloss.

4 For a wedding with style

Around the year 1900, Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau was one of the world’s most important furniture manufacturers. Today, the company specialises in the interior design of buildings and in fitting out yachts to the highest standards of craftsmanship. You can also plight your troth here – weather permitting, outdoors in the historic courtyard. The reception then takes place in the former factory hall which can accommodate up to 300 guests.

© Christoph Münch

5 Fairy-tale wedding, option 2 (surrounding area)

The most famous member of the Wettin line gave glittering parties at his summer residence in Moritzburg. A few years ago, the small ballroom of the Fasanenschlösschen (‘Little Pheasant Castle’) was opened up to wedding parties. Through the windows, you have a view of the baroque castle itself. The renaissance castle of Schönfeld is a magical place. It is home to various conjuring theatres and exhibitions on the art of magic, but also has a wedding room in which up to 30 guests can fit.

6 Befitting the occasion

Augustus II and the daughter of the Austrian emperor, Maria Josepha, celebrated their wedding in the Palais of the Grosser Garten (‘Great Garden’). Built sometime around 1680, the palace was destroyed in the Second World War. It has been restored to its former glory and is now once again hosting wedding parties between the months of April and October. The Langsaal (‘Long Hall’) on the ground floor has large windows through which guests can admire a beautiful view of the huge baroque landscaped garden. It is the largest green space within the city boundaries.

© Frank Exß

7 For wine lovers

The team at Schloss Wackerbarth have a real appreciation of the finer things in life – Wackerbarth was recently voted the best sparkling wine producer in Germany. A wedding at this historical wine growing estate is therefore guaranteed to be a very merry occasion. While the couple are posing for photos, the guests can take a short guided tour with tasting. For this location, you will need to apply at the registry office in Radebeul.

8 For nautical types

An especially scenic variant is the wedding on water, on a historic paddle steamer plying the stretch of the Elbe from Dresden’s historic centre to Blasewitz with its amazing ‘Blue Wonder’ bridge. Thereafter, the newlyweds and their guests can either continue upstream to Pillnitz Castle or return to the point of embarkation.

© Frank Exß

9 For football fans

Rudolf Harbig Stadium is conveniently located in central Dresden. The view from one of the executive boxes is truly spectacular. It is the ideal venue for smaller parties of up to 18 guests. The champagne reception then takes place down on the pitch.

10 For plane spotters

wedding at the airport comes with an amazing view across the runway to Moritzburg Castle. A guided tour taking in the airport fire station with its futuristic extinguishing technology will fascinate guests of all ages. One further argument in favour of the airport is the opportunity for the happy couple to have their wedding photos taken in the cockpit of a vintage plane.

© Michael Weimer

In Dresden and the surrounding area, a whole industry has grown up around the wedding scene, with a plentiful choice of highly professional service providers such as wedding planners, photographers, designers and florists. Our recommendations can be found here. All locations in the event planner at

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